De Garde: The Sixth Peach

a spontaneous wild ale aged in oak barrels for two years with White Saturn Peaches.


Upright Brewing: Fantasia

Fantasia has been brewed annually since 2008 using peaches from Baird Family Orchards. Each vintage features a layered nose that leads into a deep profile on the palate, with complex acidity achieved through extended aging. 6% ABV.


Migration Brewing: Barrel-Aged Peach Haze

Peach Haze is a mixed culture barrel-aged fruited ale, made using our (recent GABF winning!) Mohazeic base. It’s been fermenting away in neutral oak barrels with brettanomyces and 300 pounds of local peaches for over a year. The beer is crisp, slightly acidic, and has a nice funkiness that makes it distinguishable and delicious. Definitely a unique beer, Migration would love to show it off for its debut at this years Peche Fest! 


Logsdon Farmhouse Ales: Peche ‘n Brett

Our seasonal oak aged organic peach beer is brewed with local Oregon fruit. Peche 'n Brett is brewed and refermented with the peaches in our Seizoen Bretta. One and a half pound of peaches are added to each gallon of Bretta to produce a secondary fermentation resulting in complex peach aroma and flavor, hop balance and subtle malt character, followed up with brettanomyces and oak derived fruity dryness. Final refermentation with pear juice provides natural carbonation with added aromas and flavors in the bottle. 10% ABV.


Block 15 Brewing: Turbulent Consequence, Pêche

Spontaneously Fermented Ale with Peaches

Turbulent Consequence is brewed using classic lambic methods from the Senne River Valley in Belgium, including a multi-step turbid mash, inoculation with resident flora in our wild cellar’s coolship, and spontaneous fermentation and extended maturation in oak barrels. Mature barrels are then used in various blends throughout the year. Each autumn, the Arzner family heads to Olson Farm to hand-pick perfectly ripe winter snow white peaches, which we pack into barrels with Turbulent Consequence from the prior year to produce our annual Peche blend. It’s then matured through the winter and bottle conditioned with local honey. ABV: 7%


Dwinell Country Ales: Haywire

This is a mixed-culture beer re-fermented on Zee Pride peaches and conditioned with Sencha tea. We made this beer in collaboration with Ferment in Hood River for the North Bank Brewers Alliance Brewing Bridges Collsboration Festival.  The beer utilizes Ferment’s proprietary saison yeast that Dan captured on Mt. Hood and our house brett strain that we captured at the brewery. It’s 6.3% ABV. 


Coldfire Brewing: Foeder on Peche

Delicate peach tones quickly brighten with a little help from one of our mixed cultures. Flavors of soft ripe fruit with a mild funk and refreshing acidity that’s sure to please those who love wild ales. Peaches sourced from our friends at Me and Moore farms. 6.6% ABV.


Oakshire Brewing: 9th Anniversary

Like Oakshire’s 9th Anniversary itself, our 9th Anniversary Ale has been a long time in the making, exemplifying a passionate dedication to community inspired, small batch beers. We started with a crisp farmhouse-style ale, aged it for two years over mountains of peaches, and matured it for another month with a smaller wild beer and a second dose of peaches. The finished beer presents a brilliant, hazy orange that yields a robust aroma of citrus notes, fresh peaches and acidic, earthy stone fruits. The sweet and floral peach flavors are followed quickly by a bright, tart, funky finish. Our 9th Anniversary Ale presents a great mix of tastes and aromas- certainly worth waiting nine years to enjoy. 6.2% ABV.


Matchless Brewing: Peach Master Blend

Peach Master Blend came about due to the availability of some amazing, organic Red Star peaches from the one-and-only Apple Cart Fruits out of Okanogan, WA. Not just suggestive, Peach Master Blend is saturated, juicy and dripping with peach while (still barely) maintaining the balanced sour and funky character of the year-old pale blond foudre beer the fruit was matured with for a year. Peach Master Blend was refermented in the bottle by its own resident microflora for several months to achieve a unique balance. Drink now for more fruit character or allow it to continue to mature for a funkier experience. 5.9% ABV.


Perennial Artisan Ales: La Cosecha

We invited our good friend Ron Jeffries from Jolly Pumpkin down to brew a beer with us that encompasses the Missouri Peach harvest. Brewed with Vienna malt, unmalted wheat and flaked oats, this beer went through primary fermentation in stainless steel with a classic Belgian yeast strain. It was then racked into French Oak barrels with a house blend of bacteria and yeast and aged for 9 months. We then racked the mature beer onto 1500 pounds of fresh Missouri Peaches where it rested for 3 additional months, and finally was conditioned naturally in this bottle. 6.2 % ABV.


Beachwood Brewery: Careful with that Peach, Eugene

Lambic-inspired ale with peaches. Glorious aromas of juicy ripe fruit gets your mouth watering before you take your first sip. Bold acidity and our house funk partner nice with big flavors of fuzzy peach. Sweet and full bodied with a tart finish, leaving you immediately wanting another sip. 7% ABV.


Aslan Brewing: Peach Be Humble

This beer started its journey on November 14, 2017, as a simple recipe consisting of Pilsener and Wheat malts and lightly hopped with Pacific Gem and Mosaic. We fermented and aged it in an oak foeder until August 2018, at which time tree-ripened peaches from Yakima where added. The fruit was minimally processed, allowing for a carbonic maceration to assimilate the fruit into the beer. After a five-month rest on fruit, we bottled the beer with its native yeasts and bacteria. 7.8% ABV.


Little Beast Brewing: Golden Stone

Belgian Golden ale, oak aged secondary fermentation with two Brett strains on fresh peaches, nectarines, and Apricots. 8.2% ABV.


pFriem Family Brewers: Peche

When we add juicy, heirloom peaches to our year-old Lambic inspired ale, magic happens— they unite, gushing with bright acidity, nutty undertones and a tangy finish. It does take eight more months of aging, but it’s well worth the wait. 5.8% ABV.


Breakside Brewery: They’ve Got The Best Peaches

"They've got the best peaches," a customer exclaimed upon learning that we were releasing a new beer with fruit from Baird Family Orchards, and the name stuck. This blend comes from two batches of sour beer fermented directly on peaches, one from the summer of 2017 and the other from 2018; the fermentation was completed entirely by resident microflora on the fruit and resident cultures in the oak barrels. Only 8 of our favorite fruit-laden casks comprise this blend, which serves as a tribute to the beauty of Oregon-grown fruit and the wonderful farmers and orchardists who grow it.


Allegory Brewing: Dayton Peche

Dayton is named after the town of the orchards we get our peaches from (Baird Family Orchards). A rustic farmhouse ale that spent 10 months in stainless with our house Brett blend and over 80lb/bbl of local peaches and then conditioned in the keg for natural carbonation. Loads of peach, but dry and funky with great mouthfeel. - 7.2%




Rack & Cloth Cider: Peche

We put our tree-ripened whole fruit into tank in the peak of peach season every September. They dance with dry cider for 6 to 9 months, imparting a beautiful blush and with the taste of sunshine in a glass. 7.3% ABV. 


2 Towns Ciderhouse: Funky Peche

Created using California freestone peaches and Washington grown apricots, this cider was fermented dry and inoculated with two strains of Brettanomyces to give it a bit of complexity

and that classic brett funk. Blended with a kiss of fresh peach juice, this cider is sure to please. 5.8% ABV.


Swift Cider: Peach Oak

Yellow Peach with Toasted French Oak. Portland International Cider Cup gold medal winner. 6% ABV.